Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cover for "The Enchantress"

I've been going through my font collection all weekend (a small collection, just some 4-5 thousand fonts :D ) looking for the right font for my book cover. The main criteria was that it's readable. I didn't want a font where a reader needs to stare at it for five minutes to figure out what it says. Second, I wanted a gothic type font or similar, something suitable for fantasy. I made ten different versions, then managed to eliminate it down to seven, then finally down to four. Here are those four winners, tell me what you think about them.

This one was my first choice and my favorite. Unfortunately, this font is free only for personal use, and although the story will be up on Smashwords for free and would probably be ok to use it since it's technically not a commercial use, I'd rather not risk it. The font used here is called "Beyond Wonderland" by Christopher Hansen, and can be downloaded here.

My boyfriend says this one is too thin at places, but I like the way the curls curve in the same way as the girl's hair, so I'll probably go with this one in the end. This font is called "Dilana Experimentype" by NĂ©stor Ferranti, and it's free. You can download it here

This one, well, I think it looks nice, and it's not hard to read. It's called "Arkham", and can be downloaded from here.

Nice, clean, and readable. It's name is Gondola SD by Steve Deffeyes, and you can get it here.

So, these are the four fonts I'm still deciding over. Tell me how you like them, do you think they're easy to read? Do you perhaps have a favorite font? Do share.

I also tweaked the contrast a little so it would look brighter and a bit more shiny (you can compare it to the original posted here). My sister says my monitor is shitty for displaying colors properly (isn't every LCD?) so I don't know if it looks ok for the rest of you. Is it too bright, have the colors gone weird? Does it look interesting as a thumbnail? And most importantly, if you ran across it on Smashwords or Kindle or where ever you go for your e-books (if you go for e-books ;) ), would you check it out, after seeing the cover?


  1. Lovely cover! So hard to choose, but I think I like the 3rd one best...but really it's hard to choose, lol. Fellow campaigner here stopping in to say hello and I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you!


  2. I love the cover too, but my favourite font is the first one. I don't know why, but it drew my eye the most.

  3. Hi Daina! What a fantastic cover - I would definitely be drawn to it. I like the first font the best - it seems to have magic sparking from it. So sorry it's only for personal use - crumb! But I really like the second one too and you're right - the curls in the lettering go so wonderfully with the curls in her hair - so artistic! I would definitely choose that one!

    This was such a fantastic idea for a post! I'm a fellow campaigner in the Fantasy group. It's so great to meet you!

  4. Daina, I love this cover. I agree with you about the first font. It's perfect except for the personal use restriction. The second or third ones work well with the image. The fourth one comes across too plain. Your image has clean lines, so you want something more magical in your font. The second one might be hard to read, but I like it better than the third.