Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rule of Three - Fourth post

Here's the fourth and final entry for the Rule of Three blogfest, the rules for which you can find here.

You can find my first entry here, the second one here, and the third one here.

The prompts for this week are:
1. The misfortune is resolved/accepted.
2. Relationships are mended/are torn asunder.
3. The final event becomes another secret for generations to come.
4. There is a new arrival in town.

I only managed to pull the first one off, which was logical that the misfortune be resolved. I tried to put the others in, but I failed :(

Wordcount is 599 - first time during REN3 that I didn't have to cut anything out, I think I got the feel for how much is 600 words :D

Here it is, the final instalment:

The shield Gray raised with the last morsel of energy started to fade. Curled together on the ground, they waited for the beasts to strike.

Instead, a hand grabbed Gray by the upper arm and lifted her off the ground. She found herself staring at deep green eyes.

"I though you were dying," Hade snarled at her, then spun around to cut down an incoming bat.

"Sorry to disappoint," Gray smirked. "The day is still young, though."

Adrien was helping Lisbeth get on her feet. When their eyes met, he froze, lost, but then quickly turned away.

"Couldn't you stay in bed for five minutes?" he snapped at Gray.

"Who would save your butts then?" she grinned.

"It looks more like we're saving yours," he thrust his sword into another monster.

"I've already done my part. We took care of the one who summoned them."

"Really? Doesn't look like they're leaving," he slew another bat with much greater force than necessary.

"Now that the spell is broken, we actually have a chance of chasing them away."

"And just how do you expect we do that?"

"You'll see," she grinned, pulling two bottles from her pocket. "I have here Fox Grass..." she shook the content of the bottle – mashed herbs swirled inside it - "... and Ladydew," she shook the other one. "When you put these two together and set them on fire, they create the most incredible stench."

"Great. All we need now is fire."

"Take off your tunic," Hade turned to Adrien.

"What?" he blinked at her.

"Hade, I don't think now is the time for that sort of thing," Gray smirked.

"Just take it off. It's ruined anyway."

Adrien sighed. He caught a moment between two attacks to pull the tunic off and toss it to Hade.

Gray snickered as she noticed both Hade and Lisbeth eying his well defined torso. "Girls, concentrate."

Hade handed her the tunic. "Wrap the herbs in it. It should burn nicely."

Gray spread the tunic on the ground and poured the content of both bottles onto it, then wrapped it in a bundle. Conjuring a small fireball, she set it on fire. Milky white smoke arose from the burning bundle.

"Gods mercy, how it stinks!" Hade cried out.

"Lets hope bats feel the same way about it. The shirt won't be enough," Gray frowned. "We need a proper fire."

"I'm on it," Adrien said as he placed his hand on Lisbeth's shoulder, avoiding looking at her. "Come with me, there's a woman in there that needs your skills."

He took her towards the house they were hiding at. She let out a cry as he cut down a bat that was coming at her as they ran.

He emerged from the house a moment later, wielding a chair in each arm. By the time he reached the fire, the chairs were battered enough from bat smashing that it was easy to dismember them and throw them in the fire.

The smoke grew thicker. Gray bent the wind to spread it in all directions.

First the bats stopped attacking them, distancing themselves from the fire, then small groups rose to the air. Larger groups followed until the entire swarm was flying back towards the mountain.

"Victory!" Hade leaped into the air.

"Great," Gray replied with a weary voice. "That means I can collapse now."

Only Adrien's sharp reflexes saved her from hitting the ground. He swooped her in his arms and carried her off to the house.

"Maybe I should get wounded next time," Hade grumbled as she followed them in.


  1. And they win! Awesome ending, and I like Hade's complaint. There's a slight tinge of jealousy, there. Loved how you made this such an action-packed conclusion. Nicely done.

    Thank you for sharing your writing! :)

  2. I love your final entry!

    Great dialogue between the characters. :)

  3. Nice ending. I get the feeling there's more to this story, though.

  4. Finally got all 4 read together. Great themes & characters. You could do a lot with this. Love the jealousy midst the crisis.

  5. Oh, how I would miss you.... Happy Friday....:)